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Stronger - Together

who-you? + me&you

We love being creative partners for ambitious businesses, by working in partnership win more work for each other. Let's talk if you'd like to discuss partnering with a Creative Agency and you work in the following sectors:

  • digital marketing
  • print and packaging
  • public relations
  • website and app development

Benefits, Benefits . . . Why be a me&you partner?

Commission: For every converted prospect you introduce, your business benefits

Stronger together: When we collaborate with our partners on a pitch or proposal we’ve an exceptional conversion rate. We’re excellent at putting persuasive presentations together and bringing ideas to life. I bet you’ve lost a prospect not from a better competitor but from one that implied it was ‘full service’ - that’s where we come in, together we are truly full service.

Quality referrals: It works both ways; the better we understand the work you’re after the more we identify opportunities. Our core focus is on creative branding and that means that when it comes to rollout we need to bring in partners. That makes us an excellent partner; we’ve referred over £100,000 of work to our key partners.

Free support (just for you): Need one of our team to jump on a conference call with a client? Or Matt to support you in a client pitch? We’ve got your back and understand that together we’re stronger.

Did you know we did . . .

Discovery Workshops

Is your client struggling to get going with a project, has the job stalled, perhaps they aren’t able to answer important big questions like ‘Who is your target audience?’ or ‘What’s your brand?' That’s why we’ve developed our discovery workshops. In the workshop we identify:

•  USPs and Messaging
•  Competition
•  Customers and customer journey
•  Current brand and more

We’ll listen carefully and create a valuable report that helps power up client marketing.

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Brand Strategy

Underpinning all effective branding are the essential rules of; consistency, clarity, relevance and differentiation.  A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.

We use a variety of methods to define a clients brand strategy including:
• staff interviews
• competitor research
• audience surveys
• persona workshops
• positioning matrices
• tone of voice and more.

If your clients lack consistency, clarity, relevance or a strong differentiation then it's an indicator that they could benefit from brand strategy. Share our details and we will then start a conversation to identify exactly what they need.

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Awesome Creative & Idea Generation

At the core of everything we do is a passion for solving problems by applying creative thinking. We love it when a client needs a cracking logo, a promotional brochure, some campaign visual ideas, an infographic, animation or video - anything visual we are ready and waiting to get going delivering creative solutions. 

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User Experience Design

This goes hand-in-hand with our brand work because it starts with asking exactly the same questions; who are your audience, what motivates them, what goals do you want them to achieve. We focus upon customer experience and bake that into the flow, structure and layout of every digital project.

When would you need this? 

Every business has a website now, not every business has one that works. That’s the difference that UX and UI delivers; it makes a website, app, and digital interface simply more effective.

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Creative Artworking, Packaging & Presentations

With all that fancy strategy and workshop stuff above often our partners forget that we love doing the core rollout stuff too. In fact over 30% of our income is from artworking, product packaging, print and high quality presentations. We’ve even been known to deliver powerpoint pitch templates (if we must)!

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Putting the ‘fizz’ into Fizzbox

Fast work! Rebrand and two websites in just three months

Vineyard website adds to me&you's experience in marketing the wine trade

Assetsure Cycles Insurance

How best to introduce me&you?

Get in touch with Matt first to discuss the opportunity and see if we're a good fit. Then the best method is always face to face, but if you’ve only a moment and just want to quickly handover and get us to call the client then the below script may help:

Hi x,

Trust all’s good with you. I wanted to make an introduction, in the hope you can explore doing some business together.

Matt run’s me&you - your creative company. Their focus is upon delivering effective creative work that transforms businesses, delivers growth and brings brands to life. Thought it may be mutually beneficial for you guys to have a chat.

His email is matt@meandyou.co.uk and can be reached on 01732 743 455.

Hope you can connect and explore working together.

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