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Wordpress website care packages

If you don't have a support packages in place, from July 2019 onwards ad-hoc services to support your website will be charged at our digital services rate of £97/hour.

At me&you we are about providing our clients with the right level of support. To help you grow, get on with the important things, whilst knowing and trusting that we’ve got your back. With this in mind we’ve reviewed our approach to supporting our website clients.

We are replacing our annual fee approach.

An annual fee for hosting isn’t good enough. Throughout the year you need support, a website is an active sales and marketing tool. 

It needs maintenance, you may need guidance on how to update a page. If the worst does happen and you have a security issue you need to know that systems and a process is in place to respond and get everything back on track.

What do we do next?

Have a look over the options presented. Then book a chat so we can discuss and agree on the right approach for you.

What if I don’t want to change?

If you don’t want on-going support and just want to pay an annual fee for hosting then let’s have a chat. It’s not something we recommend as every website should be managed, kept up to date and monitored. 

We have also prepared an audit & update one-off support offering - which may be worth considering.

Wordpress Care Packages

Not everyone has the same needs:

We design, develop and support a variety of websites, some websites may be simple ‘brochure’ type. For you, our basic option should cover your needs. If your website is a key part of your sales or marketing approach then you’ll benefit from our recommended option

Meanwhile if your website has particular bespoke needs, then our bespoke option is the one for you. This includes all the benefits of the recommended care package with additional features tailored to your particular needs.

I'd like to discuss a Wordpress Care package :

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Your website will be kept updated and highly secure with a fully tailored security setup. This monthly service includes:


Do you sell products on your website? Or perhaps we’ve developed bespoke integration with services such as Salesforce, eLearning or a CRM. In these scenarios and your website is a key part of your communications strategy then recommended is the option for you.


Perhaps you don’t fit into our two care packages and need something a little different? This could be that you need proactive Search Engine Optimisation, content writing, a pay per click advertising campaign? In these scenarios then we can tailor a bespoke package for you. 

It’ll include everything in the recommended option plus time and scope for your particular needs.

An example:

One-off Services

To ensure your website is still delivering value, is bug-free, backed-up and up-to date we recommend annual training and a site review.

Website training

Un-sure how to use and update your website? Perhaps you need a refresher on how to change and add content on a specific section?

This one-to-one training package starts with a quick call to establish the key areas you'd like training on. We then prepare and schedule a 1 hour webinar taking you through the areas discussed. Afterwards we issue a quick video guide to remind you how to deliver the key tasks.

£240/per session.

I'd like to discuss a website training package :

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Audit and Update

Perhaps you don’t want to commit to a monthly spend but have noticed that your Wordpress website has lots of recommended updates? We recommend an ongoing support package where your website is monitored, backed-up and updates applied throughout the year.  

Yet we understand that you may not be willing to commit at this time. So we’ve created this one-off support offer. It will review your website, apply key updates and provide you with a guide on what you should consider

I'd like to discuss a website review package :

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Included with every me&you hosting package:

We’ve worked with our server provider for over ten years and our long standing relationship means should a hardware issue ever occur we have direct and immediate contact with the server engineers - no long waits for a response. Our hosting includes the following features as standard:

• UK-based server reserved exclusively for me&you creative and our clients.
• Secure high-speed Linux hosting
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• 10GB Storage Space
• 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

If you don't host with us & would like to discuss your hosting needs.

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What isn’t included in our care packages?

We’ve prepared our website care packages with an aim to cover most of the scenarios our clients have; however, sometimes your needs will vary. So for clarity the following are not included within our care packages

  • Unlimited development; if you need a new page layout or technical feature developed this isn’t covered within the monthly packages. This isn’t the same as adjusting or addressing issues you incur with existing website features or functionality. For recommended and bespoke options a defined amount of hours each month are available.
  • Unlimited creative; if you need a new visual design, animation, infographic or creative piece of work designed for your website. For recommended and bespoke options a defined amount of hours each month are available.
  • Plug-ins; some plugins on your website may require an annual subscription. The costs for which fall outside the scope of a care package.
  • Domains; you may have a domain or multiple domains; the costs for these vary depending on the type of domain and are not included in our care packages.

Payment and legal conditions

For all website care packages we invoice at the start of each month with payment due within 30 days. A minimum term of 12 months applies, upgrades and adjustments are permitted.
Should you choose to change packages you must provide me&you creative limited with at least six weeks notice requesting the change. After your 12 months initial contract cancellation is permitted with six weeks notice.
All work is subject to our terms & conditions, a copy of which can be supplied to you or viewed at : www.meandyou.co.uk/legal