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Doing the simple things well

With so many ways to communicate to customers it's very easy to get distracted by marketing trends. Don't ignore the simple and often more effective routes to engage with your customers. Our recommended approach is always to research your target audience first and then assess the most appropriate method to speak to them.

With everything going online the simplicity of a well considered direct mail campaign can often be ignored. Yet a client which offers premium products found it was the most effective way to communicate to its customers. They realised that a personalised letter, printed on high quality stationery, delivered by post; would return results far greater than any number of emails, tweets or Facebook impressions.

The simple reason for this was that their existing customers buy into the companies traditional values and aren't particularly website savvy. The direct mail campaign promoted a four day spectacular which delivered exceptional financial results for the client.

For help identifying the simple things to do well, contact me on my email or call 01732 743 455.

With best wishes,



Matt Eamer
Director - Hansell