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How to track a printed campaign linking to your website

How do you track, a printed campaign that is linking to your website or landing page? Well, with Google Analytics and a QR code, it's actually pretty straightforward. So let me show you how. Let's take this, example here of a campaign that we did for Hadlow College. This was all about their, uh, sustainability program. You'll notice that in this advert here, we've got a QR code. 

Now all the, the viewer need to do is, scan that QR code with their phone and it'll take them directly to a dedicated page on Hadlow College. Rather than making that, QR code link just direct instead if you use, a utm, you can actually track visits. 

So how could a link actually look?

Well, let's have a look rather than just having the standard, page link, what we've done here is we've defined a source, the medium, and we've given the campaign a name.



So for source, we've put offline. So that it's tracked within Google Analytics as an offline source


For medium we've marked this as referral traffic, um, but you can use a few other terms.


Then as a campaign, we've given it a name.


So you could actually have different, names for different pieces of media, such as a printed ad, a bus ad, or in this case a six sheet.

A simple way of tracking via QR codes and Google Analytics to see the impact of printed material when it's driving, towards, a website page. We are seeing this being used by our charity clients to track donation traffic sources and also with any campaign that has offline activity.

Really hope this is useful.