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How we provide creative for your digital marketing

At me&you, we know where our strengths lie; we're a creative agency first and foremost focussed upon delivering words and visuals that communicate clearly to your audience. Yet we also understand the importance of digital marketing in ensuring your product or service is visible to your market. So when it comes to digital marketing, we've chosen to partner with the Spark Agency to deliver highly effective digital marketing for our customers.

Spark will get your product or service seen online, using channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google pay per click ads. me&you delivers the creative for that work, working closely with you to produce a range of creative assets to power the digital marketing.

How does it work?

You should invest a minimum of three to six months in a digital marketing campaign. This provides the necessary time to learn from the data. Making tweaks and adjustments to optimise and learn; improving conversion every step of the way. As needed adjustments are made to the creative and also to the campaigns, that Spark set up for you.

We understand the you want to know what you're paying each month, so we spread our costs over the number of months that you choose to engage me&you + spark. Rather than charging you a large upfront amount at the beginning. Instead we distribute our fee evenly over the months engaged. We actually spend a lot more time in the early set-up phase creating a whole range of graphics and creative. But you don't pay upfront for our teams big investment in time.

Simply you pay equal amounts each month. Starting from £450 pounds per month, over a minimum commitment of three months. So low risk and a predictable fee to pay each month. With everyone playing to their strength. me&you delivering creative and spark managing your advertising.

Interested in how me&you could help improve the creative impact of your digital marketing?

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