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Infographics and Visualising Data

We were recently briefed by Coral the bookmakers to illustrate an infographic based on a survey commissioned by Coral that reveals how occupation, age and location determines how the nation picks its Grand National winners.

This upbeat infographic would become a useful Social Media and journalist tool to release amidst the build up to The Crabbie's Grand National 2014, find it here in our portfolio.

Infographics are something that we are getting asked to do much more frequently, although the marketing trend of visualising data has been in circulation for a few years now; we are seeing strong growth in this area with many marketer's finding graphics valuable and effective. They are practical, engaging and time-saving. This is why we were keen to begin work on  Mentor International's 2013-2014 Annual Report. No wonder the range of companies eager to use this method of communication is expanding, they are shareable and colourful with added personality - a Social Media dream. Why are they so successful and practical? This interactive tells us why - 13 REASONS

By Will Hood - Hansell Design and Marketing