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January Newsletter – A Creative Perspective on Successful Marketing

This year we want to speak to our customers more. We've learnt a lot in the past twelve months; from what it takes to make an event successful to how to effectively launch a new product range and the exact ingredients required to craft an effective cross-media marketing campaign. This is a taster of the guidance we will be providing in our newsletters, so let's get started…

Tell a unique story in 2013

When reflecting upon the most successful marketing campaigns of 2012 the common element is a unique story. Working with our clients to identify what distinguishes them from their competitors is the vital first step in every campaign.

What's your unique story? It could be your business has been family owned for 600 years, have a new innovative product out or perhaps the event you are holding offers the widest range of products in the UK. Whatever engages your audience, grabs attention and makes you stand out.

If you need help to identify the right story and create the best approach to get that message out feel free to contact me on my email or call 01732 743 455.

With best wishes for 2013,



Matt Eamer - Director at Hansell