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Five top new media tips for the drinks industry

The Wines of Chile Tasting is sadly over for another year. From the 'Montes monks' through to some very tasty Empanadas - it was a memorable and enjoyable day. The weather shone over Lord's and many enthusiastic visitors came by our 'Hansell New Media' stand to pick up some top tips and advice on how new media can play a growing part in promoting your products.

We presented real world examples of new media being intelligently applied to marketing for the drinks industry.  Carefully selecting recent projects that used new media successfully, we focussed upon five top tips that we feel all businesses in the drinks industry should consider:

  • Mobile - Make sure you are accessible everywhere. WIth internet access readily available and more consumers visiting content on their phone make sure your website works well with smart-phones and tablets.
  • Video - 'Tell them' 'Show them' 'Engage them'. Online video is an important media for engaging clients and customers.
  • SEO and Events - Get your event seen. Optimise your online presence to help achieve maximum attendance.
  • Interactive POS - Direct contact with measurable results. By adding elements such as text to win, a web address and qr code to printed items; you can ensure direct contact with consumers that offers measurable results.
  • Review, Update, Improve. You may have excellent content on your website but it's hidden by an old layout or presented poorly. Consider ways to improve your website - if you just need some help ask us!

The central recommendation we communicated at the Chile tasting was to focus upon identifying what makes your business unique and communicate that story clearly. It could be that your vineyard has been family owned for 600 years, or it is rumoured that ghosts have been seen in the wine cellars! Whatever engages clients, grabs attention, distinguishes you above a competitor and makes you stand out. Identify the right story then work out the best way to get the message out.

If you'd like to know more explore our food and drinks section or give us a call on 01732 743 455.