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Product photography and creative design brings outstanding results

Sometimes a project comes along which neatly illustrates the difference a creative agency can bring to website design. The redesign of the Piemonte Wines website was such a project. Noel Desnos contacted us after Alison Dillon had reviewed his companies marketing strategy.

Noel explained they offer an excellent range of Italian Wine from the Piemonte region - exclusive wine direct from the winemaker. Yet the existing website did not reassure customers that they were purchasing a "delicious piece of Piemonte".

Whilst new photography was being conducted we looked at the data on the existing website. By reviewing google analytics we are able to understand what the visitor was looking for when they visited the homepage. Using this information we redesigned the homepage and key buying pages to ensure all visitors had immediate access to the information they needed to aid in the buying decision. The new visual design also reassures them that they are buying quality wine from a reputable and trusted source.

After Noel had approved our redesigned layouts we then assemble a pack of material for his existing developers to work into live pages. We had to ensure all the new layouts worked within the existing site structure - this wasn't a problem since the designer who worked on this had good technical skills and was able to check that everything we proposed could be 'fitted' into the existing structure.

The new site went live in late August, it's early days but we anticipate that they should see a higher rate of visitors purchasing. Click the link below to visit the new website:
Piemonte Wines