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Empowering a team with a brand toolkit

Putting the ‘fizz’ into Fizzbox

A strong, distinctive brand is a must for engaging with customers online.

Fizzbox asked the brand experts at me&you for a brand toolkit, and got so much more!

A brand toolkit is more than a brand guidelines document! It's a really useful resource that defines a brand’s values, personality and positioning so that everyone in the business can champion a company’s strengths and unique qualities.

Fizzbox needed a brand toolkit to help them build a stand-out online presence. Their business has a unique offer - they make it easy for people to find and book great venues and activities for parties, celebrations and team building events.

Fizzbox launched in 2018, and with a bespoke online platform quickly began to build a successful business; but needed strategic brand definition, a more distinctive look and feel and a unique tone of voice to strengthen their brand communications.

Our brand strategy team delivered a series of workshops and activities to define the brand’s values, personality and positioning. We discussed their key competitors. The Fizzbox team was involved every step of the way, and together with them we also identified their key customer profiles. From this, the me&you designers developed a brand toolkit which has inspired and empowered the whole Fizzbox team.

“We found out so much about our business during this process.
Now we’ve got buy-in from the team, which is fantastic!
It’s not just the Fizzbox brand now - it’s their brand.”

Rob Hill CEO, Fizzbox

Fizzbox already had a basic logo, so we refined and developed it, giving them a complete colour palette and guidelines.

With the customer profiles in mind, we also collaboratively created a Tone of Voice for Fizzbox in their brand toolkit. We explored what customers would be looking for and how we'd like them to feel when communicating with the brand.

Appropriately, the brand toolkit launched to the Fizzbox team at a themed cocktail party in Brighton! We made an audio-visual presentation about the new brand, launched the printed toolkit brochures and thanked the Fizzbox team members who had become brand ambassadors.

Rob - the Fizzbox CEO was delighted with the brand toolkit, but just as importantly, he recognised the value we’d delivered in terms of discovering their brand, increasing staff engagement and sending positive messages to future activity providers. Fizzbox will be ready to party all year.