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Digital solutions boost the mental wellbeing of cancer patients

me&you has deepened and strengthened Look Good Feel Better's relationships with hospital cancer centres, volunteers and, most importantly, patients.

Like many healthcare charities, Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) faced considerable challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the space of 18 months, me&you launched a series of innovative digital solutions for Look Good Feel Better that extended the charity's reach, deepened the relationship with its beneficiaries and boosted the mental wellbeing of cancer patients.

So what did me&you deliver?

• A new online patient booking system for virtual workshops
• An interface that enabled LGFB’s 141 partner hospital cancer centres to monitor sessions taking place
• A portal for volunteers that empowered these key personnel to book workshops and access a range of communications
• Training modules for existing and new volunteers

Look Good Feel Better website

Patient booking system >

Before lockdown, all sessions had to be booked manually. This created a hefty workload for the LGFB team. 

The expertise of me&you, collaborating closely with LGFB to deliver a bespoke solution, was key to the launch of the patient booking system. This necessitated a redevelopment of the whole LGFB website.

At first, the booking system was developed purely to organise virtual workshops. However, it was future-proofed to ensure that it would be equally effective when face-to-face sessions resumed in the post-Covid world.  

Patients now encounter a user-friendly interface that also benefits the LGFB team as it manages and reports on volunteers, bookings and patients. 


Look Good Feel Better Virtual Workshop Patient Booking System

Partner interface

One of the drawbacks of the legacy system used by LGFB was that the charity itself, as well as its 141 partner hospital cancer centres across the UK, would be unaware of how many people would be attending a workshop until they actually turned up on the day. 

LGFB and me&you used the opportunity created by the digitisation of the charity’s systems to create a secure portal that could be accessed by cancer centres. 

Using this portal enabled hospital teams to check sessions being organised at, or through, their venue and see who would be attending and which volunteers would be running the session.  


Look Good Feel Better Hospital Portal

Volunteer portal

At the heart of LGFB’s work are the hundreds of volunteers who donate their expertise to people requiring a lift to their self-esteem. 

By creating an online portal for this team of “angels”, LGFB brought the volunteers closer to its organisation and work. 

At the same time, volunteers can now work self-sufficiently by booking in for workshops and accessing communications – such as the latest literature, news and training developments. 

Look Good Feel Better Volunteer Portal
Look Good Feel Better Volunteer Portal
Look Good Feel Better Volunteer Portal

Training modules

Training a volunteer to ensure they were prepared for the particular challenge of working with cancer patients had always been a lengthy and time-consuming process. 

With the help of me&you, LGFB developed a set of online training modules that could be accessed by both new and existing volunteers.

The result was a programme that delivered the knowledge and insight required without placing any burden on the charity’s much-reduced team.

me&you's advice on eLearning


The online booking system has absolutely transformed the charity. Without it, we would not be where we are today – striving to support the hundreds of thousands of cancer patients diagnosed each year.

Sarah Lenson Operations Manager, online portal project, Look Good Feel Better (LGFB)

Digital Impact Awards London


The collaborative work undertaken by LGFB and me&you has radically transformed the charity and the way in which it operates.

In tandem with the greater efficiency delivered by the digitalisation of its services, the charity has also seen a significant cost benefit too. The charity’s overheads have been reduced by about 50 per cent compared to its pre-Covid costs.

  • 95%


    felt LGFB services were definitely a valuable part of a cancer treatment plan

  • 97%


    felt the advice and support of an LGFB workshop helped them in the days and weeks that followed

  • 99%


    would recommend LGFB’s services to others going through treatment

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