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Annual reporting and creative support for a vital service provider

me&you provided KSS Air Ambulance with a set of high quality brand assets to help set their charity apart from its competitors.


When Kent, Surrey, Sussex (KSS) Air Ambulance Charity approached us, they had some design capabilities inhouse but wanted to ensure that their communications would remain high quality and consistent in the event of any staffing changes.

KSS Air Ambulance asked me&you to audit their existing brand assets, add their professional creative input and provide the team with some fresh inspiration.


me&you partnered with KSS Air Ambulance to refresh and elevate their existing brand communications. 

We demonstrated how the charity’s assets could be used more creatively, and applied this new look and feel to a number of key items including their magazine and annual report.

KSS Air Ambulance annual report was an important marketing tool to attract potential investors, so it was important that it projected a positive image of the brand.

Photography, infographics, and other aesthetic elements such as bespoke icons were carefully chosen to keep readers actively engaged with content. 

Financials were displayed in a way that was easy to understand, as well as allowing readers to find important information quickly.

Design for air ambulance charity
Annual reporting for a vital service provider


KSS Air Ambulance received a set of high quality brand assets and now have all the tools they need to help set their charity apart from its competitors.

me&you continue to provide the charity with ongoing creative support.