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Rebranding Logit Research – Our Process Step-by-Step


We were approached by Gary Bennett, the managing director of Logit Research, to help with the development of a new identity, image and website for their company. It was important that the new identity reflected that are they an approachable and personable team, as well as communicating their high level of skills and experience in their specialist area. We worked through a process of step-by-step developments to get an understanding of Logit Research, what a rebrand meant to them and how to deliver in a way that would do their company justice - presenting them in a highly appropriate way to new and existing clients.

1. Insight in to Logit Research
Our first step was to establish a clear idea of the brief and understand Logit Research as a company, to help us do this we asked Gary to fill out a client questionnaire and we conducted initial meetings. This gave us a better understanding of what Logit Research does, the service that they deliver, their target audience, main competitors, what their brand identity currently consist of and further additional information to give us an in-depth knowledge of the company and its employees.

2. Understand the Core Values they want to communicate
Before starting on a large-scale project it is important to understand the core values of the company and what they want to communicate to their audience. In terms of Logit Research, they are a Market Research team who deliver a full range of statistical services; it’s a complex topic with a lot of mathematical and analytical aspects which can be daunting to people who don’t speak the ‘lingo’. Gary felt it important to humanise the company perception, by reflecting that they are a team of approachable and personable people, as well as highly skilled and experienced in their specialist area.

3. Primary Research of their Target Audience
We carried out primary research by contacting Logit Research’s existing clients to see which areas of the company they valued and why, and which areas of the company they thought could be improved upon. We found that from the research we gathered the clients were reassured by having the ‘human element’ and the ability to deal with a Gary one-on-one gave them a sense of familiarity. We also wanted to capture their opinion on a change of brand name, and discussed ‘The Stats Person/Guy’ (singular) Vs. ‘The Stats People’ (a group). All the clients interviewed were happy with a change of name and felt that although they enjoyed dealing with Gary directly, they were reassured knowing he had a team behind him and therefore ‘The Stats People’ was preferred over ‘The Stats Person/Guy’ as it suggested a team of people.

4. Developing an Identity
Introduction of the new brand name – ‘The Stats People’, this name was selected following the feedback from Gary and from the company clients, as it is relatable and communicates that they are human - not a team of robots!

It was essential that once the name had been selected the logo design and colour palette followed suit, reinforcing their core values, with the human element and also reflecting that Gary is the ‘heart’ of the company, but also they he has a strong and skilled team behind him. A clean and straightforward colour palette was selected to give the identity a modern and competent feel.

5. Creation of a new Website with new Photography
In order to ensure that the brand identity ran cohesively across all media a new website was designed. In the initial stages we produced a site-map to agree on which pages and categories would feature on the site and which pages would be static on each of the main pages.

We populated the site with articles and information that had been supplied by Gary and Sarah from The Stats People. Hansell also art directed a photo-shoot, where we aimed to produce a collection of new imagery that summed up the different aspects of the company. As well as profile shots of each employee and service and client shots intended to use for page headers and sliders on the website.

6. Rolling out the new Brand
Once the name has been selected, a logo has been design, colour palette established and the website has gone live it is also important to ensure that the new identity is rolled out across all media; email marketing communications, deliverables, power point presentations, stationary and letterheads etc, this adds the finishing touches to a cohesive brand identity and also introduces the client to the new brand.

The introduction of the new brand to the client can be a great opportunity to reconnect with clients (and suppliers) – using the new brand name, visual approach and key touch-points (website) as a marketing opportunity. This must be carefully managed to avoid any client confusion.

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