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What role does photography play in creative design?

Photography is one of the most powerful sources of communication; not only does it have the ability to deliver a message in an instant but it also speaks a universal language and can reach almost any audience.

Therefore photography is vital tool in our creative ‘toolbox’. Effective imagery can be the make or break of any design piece. Whether it’s for your new website or in a printed brochure images are the first thing that will engage your observer. It doesn’t matter how good the written copy is on your website if the photography isn’t of an equal standard then your audience may have disengaged before they choose to read on.

When branding or rebranding, photography is one of the key factors in the process; the same way you need a cohesive brand identity, a logo, a colour palette, and an appropriate tone of voice. A portfolio of brand-appropriate images is an important cog that will keep your brand turning. Strong visuals will separate you from the crowd and deliver a message to the observer about who you are and what your company represents before you’ve had the chance to tell them.

People buy from people and they like to feel reassured that there is a person behind the brand, imagery has the power to deliver that message and add the all-important human touch. This will create a connection between you and your audience and instantly make your brand feel more trustworthy.

To summarise photography is a valuable tool to a company brand and when used correctly with creative projects, both print or digital, has the ability to create an effective marketing piece that will engage your audience and drive your brand forward.

If you would like any help with the creative direction of a photography shoot then please contact us on 01732 743 455 or send an email to [email protected]