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The challenge and value of staying true to your creative vision


At me&you, we take pride in delivering creative campaigns that resonate deeply with audiences. Our recent project with the Leadership Skills Foundation for their Environment Leaders Programme exemplifies the rewarding, albeit challenging, journey of seeing a creative idea fully realised. From this experience, we’ve gathered insights on the importance of bravery and commitment from both client and agency in sticking to the original creative ambition.

The creative journey: Challenges and triumphs

Our journey began with high hopes and a clear vision: to create a compelling campaign that effectively communicated the essence of the Environment Leaders Programme. As with any creative endeavour, the journey was fraught with challenges. On the first day of shooting, we faced some unexpected hurdles. Non-professional actors had a tough time with their lines, causing delays. It was a moment that underscored the importance of preparation and adaptability.

Having the client's team present during these challenges was crucial. It allowed them to witness firsthand the complexities of the process and appreciate our efforts to stay true to the vision. By the second day, things had improved significantly as everyone had better prepared, and we were able to capture the scenes more efficiently.

Authenticity vs. polish

The challenge of managing multiple stakeholders, including major contributors like WWF and RSPB, was significant. Ensuring that the project remained true to our vision while incorporating necessary input required careful balancing. However, the commitment to authenticity and maintaining the core essence of the campaign paid off.

Balancing creative vision with practical adjustments is an art in itself. There were moments when we had to negotiate and make small concessions, but these did not compromise the essence of the project. Authenticity became the cornerstone of our approach, resonating more with audiences than a perfectly polished but inauthentic piece ever could.

The importance of bravery

Bravery in sticking to the original creative ambition is crucial for both the client and the agency. Managing stakeholder expectations, particularly with significant contributors, is always a challenge. However, staying as close to the original idea as possible, despite the practicalities of budget and input from various parties, was vital.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this project was achieving an end product that closely mirrored our original concept. In the creative industry, practical constraints often force compromises, but we managed to stay remarkably close to our initial vision. This fidelity to the concept was particularly gratifying, especially when the final piece received such positive feedback from everyone who saw it.

Finding Joy in the Details

For a creative professional, the small details often bring immense joy. There was a particular transition in the video involving a poster and a colour-matched wall that we found especially satisfying. We had to tweak the wall colour in the final scene to match another area, ensuring a seamless transition. These details, though often unnoticed by the audience, contribute significantly to the overall coherence and impact of the piece.


Our collaboration with the Leadership Skills Foundation on the Environment Leaders Programme campaign is a testament to the value of seeing a creative idea through to its fruition. It highlights the importance of bravery and commitment from both the client and the agency. Despite the challenges, the project’s success lies in its authenticity and the fidelity to the original creative vision. This experience reinforces the importance of staying true to the creative ambition, ensuring that the end product is as impactful and engaging as initially envisioned.

As we look forward to future projects, this experience serves as a powerful reminder of the rewards that come from sticking to our creative guns and delivering work that truly resonates.

And here's the end result!