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What is a Brand Discovery Workshop?

by Louise Barden

It’s our job as designers to solve our client’s problems, but for us to do this successfully we need to truly understand your organisation inside out.

At the start of any project me&you undertakes, we (and many of our clients), find it helpful to conduct a Brand Discovery Workshop with key internal and external stakeholders.

We’ll spend a few hours asking questions and listening to you, learning about your service, culture and personality. We’ll aim to find out what makes your approach unique and gain a clear picture of your organisation, your competitors and your customers. It’s also a great opportunity for you to get to know us better.


What is covered in a Brand Discovery Workshop?

During a Brand Discovery Workshop, we normally discuss the following:

  • What problem does our client need solving?
  • What is our client’s business and what do they do, what’s their key service, product or USP?
  • Who is our client’s target market, what are their motivations and needs?
  • Who are our client’s key competitors? Are there other businesses of interest that relate to their market?
  • What is the market entry level: Luxury, budget etc...?
  • What are our client’s project or business goals?
  • What are our client’s brand characteristics?
  • Challenges to our client’s business
  • Visual likes and dislikes


What happens after the Workshop?

After the Workshop our team will reflect on our findings and within around a week we will provide you with a report summarising the points discussed during your Brand Discovery Workshop. This report normally includes persona profiles that give insight into your target audience, along with our observations on your current brand, recommendations for next steps and potential costings.

This report provides an overall framework to ensure project success and helps to inform future stages of the project, however Brand Discovery Workshops can also be booked as stand-alone events with no obligation for you to use me&you for subsequent creative work.

If you’d like to enquire about a Brand Discovery Workshop for your team, please click the button below to book a video call with Matt to discuss your requirements.

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Why should you take part in a Brand Discovery Workshop?

  • Provides clarity and an opportunity to reflect on your brand
  • Establishes a successful and collaborative working relationship
  • Helps to identify opportunities for brand improvement and development
  • Ensures we have a fuller understanding of your business
  • Makes sure we’re answering the right questions rather than offering solutions to the wrongly assumed problems
  • Gives your team a chance to contribute to the branding process
  • Aligns client and agency expectations
  • Helps define your brand’s values, personality and positioning
  • Creates a reference document for future creative work
  • Leads to more informed creative concepts and better results


Who have me&you run Brand Discovery Workshops for?

We have run Workshops for many of our clients including Young Friends Kindergarten, Architechs and Fizzbox. Brand Discovery Workshops provide us with the information we need to produce the best results possible for our clients, who often find the Workshops and subsequent reports valuable and enlightening for their business.

“We found out so much about our business during this process. Now we’ve got buy-in from the team, which is fantastic! It’s not just the Fizzbox brand now - it’s their brand.” Rob HillCEO, Fizzbox


How do I book a Brand Discovery Workshop?

Your first step would be to Book a Chat with Matt, this will be a short online video call where Matt will discuss your business and project needs and schedule a date for your Brand Discovery Workshop.