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Digital Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that 3.2 billion people are active on social media every day? That’s a massive 42% of the population! (Emarsys).

With those stats, you can see why social media marketing makes good business sense. Done right, digital marketing can be a cost-effective way to help your brand reach a larger audience, generate good quality leads and boost sales.

But when your message is competing with so many others in people’s feeds, how can your brand stand out?

me&you create stunning creative for digital marketing that is truly thumb-stopping! We partner with digital marketing agencies to make sure your marketing messages attract attention and inspire your target audience to take action.

Banner advertising

Displays ads (also known as banner ads) are a classic way to promote your brand or message online via third-party websites. They are most effective when used for retargeting, by putting your message in front of people who have already visited your website or engaged with you in some way.

We are experienced in designing display banner ads that are impactful no matter what size or format. We also know how to keep visuals looking good while keeping file sizes small.

Bespoke branded visuals

You stand a better chance of building trust and brand loyalty among your audience by posting good quality, original content. Stock images may be budget-friendly but your audience might scroll right past them as they’ve seen them elsewhere. Research even shows that original images are more effective for driving sales than stock images (ReferralRock).

Whether it’s creating a new infographic, helping you create unique brand photography or videography, or adapting your existing brand assets, me&you will make sure that your digital marketing creative is distinctively yours, no matter what your budget.

Thumb-stopping creative

The average person sees around 10,000 ads per day, so for your digital ad to catch someone’s eye long enough for them to register your message, it must be thumb-stopping! Movement, sound or a bold creative look can encourage people to take notice of your digital marketing.

me&you are experts at creating distinctive content for social media that aligns with your brand identity. We measure all our creative outputs against the acronym RED. Is it Relevant? Does it immediately get across the key message to its target audience? Is it Emotive? Tapping into emotions is a powerful way to motivate people to take action. And finally, is it Distinctive? Does reflect your unique brand or could it be mistaken for another brand? We ensure all of our work ticks all the RED boxes, but when it comes to creative for social media marketing we dial up the DISTINCTIVE.

FAQs about creative for digital marketing

Can you work with our digital agency?

Absolutely! If you already have a digital marketing agency that you’re happy with, we’ll work with them to give your visual content some extra creative oomph.

Alternately we can put you in touch with one of recommended digital partners who will deal with the technical parts of running the campaign such as audience segmentation, testing and retargeting.

Either way, we’ll work closely with the digital agency to ensure our creative gives you the best possible return on investment.

Can you create bespoke Canva templates for us?

We certainly can. There are many online platforms offering free or low-cost imagery and templates for social media. They can be handy for the odd post but to in order to create a consistent visual style across your social media channels and marketing, it’s worth investing in some professional design help.

We can work with your existing brand guidelines to create a set of bespoke templates in Canva or Adobe Express for your inhouse team to adapt and use over and over again.

What's the process of creating a digital marketing campaign?

Working side-by-side with your digital marketing company we’ll gather insights about your brand, learn about target audiences and define the purpose of your digital campaign. We will also challenge your digital agency to identify what hasn’t worked in the past, what tests have been done and use these findings to ensure our creative work improves your ROI.

Copy and call-to-action are then created based on this data, then we produce a range of creative ideas for discussion and selection.

When we have a set of approved visuals, we will share these with the digital marketing partner who will begin the process of testing which combination of imagery, supporting text and call-to-action is most effective for which audience. This will be refined over time and the digital marketing agency will report results to you on a regular basis so you can be sure the posts are helping you reach your targets.

If the creative needs to be tweaked as the campaign is tested, we will continue to collaborate to provide updated visual assets. This test/learn/improve method is key to effective ongoing digital marketing.

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