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Why has hansell changed to me&you?

by Matt Eamer

Even if you’re not known for your powers of observation, you’ll have been hard pressed not to notice that we’ve changed our name from Hansell Design & Marketing to the shorter and (we think) snappier me&you. What you might not yet know is the reason for the change. So let me tell you a story…

Back in March, I was having a drink with the team in the Oak Tavern & Tap House pub next to our office, chatting about some of our latest projects, when conversation moved to our own marketing. “We need a new website”, said Paul, our creative director (probably for about the 20th time), which was received with enthusiastic nods from around the table. While I agreed, I couldn’t help but pose the wider question “but is a new website going to cut the mustard? Does our name communicate what we do and where we want to be? Perhaps what we really need is a new brand identity”.

And so it was that project ‘HDAM rebrand’ got underway. It’s taken a while – we’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic clients and deliver some remarkable projects over the last few months, which has meant that our own rebrand has stalled a few times. But now, 6 months on, we’re finally ready to launch.

“What does this mean for us?” I hear you cry…well, I’m pleased to report, it only means good things. We’ll continue to do all the things that you’ve always valued, for the same competitive prices (hurrah!), but you’re also hopefully get a better idea about who we are, where we want to be, and what more we can do for you. We’re the same team, just with added awesome!