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Join the club – building an effective consumer website for food and drink lovers

In Northern Spain there is a long standing tradition of gastronomic societies, known locally as txokos, where men and women meet with friends to cook and share their passion for fine food and drink. Beronia Wines came to us for help designing and building a consumer website for their Txoko club campaign.
Our clients main aims were to:

  • make their Txoko club more tangible
  • allow customers to become part the club
  • develop the brand/campaign identity
  • create a sense of community amongst members

As with all of our digital projects, we develop a thorough understanding of our client and their target market. Ensuring everything we design and build  positioned Beronia Txoko Club appropriately online. Our key considerations were to create a visual layout that engaged visitors and encouraged exploration. To do this we needed to deliver content that was easy to read, with strong high quality imagery and presented interactively; making it simple for visitors to share content and expand the campaigns visibility.

Following the insight stage we produced layout sketches with accompanying annotations, defined colour palette, site structure and an overall visual approach, this we presented to our client. Closely referencing their feedback, we continued developing the visual approach to ensure we were both agreed on the creative direction of the site. In our experience this is vital in making sure we add value and deliver a site that meets our clients aspirations as well as their needs.

Once the visual approach was complete we moved on the technical stuff - the site development. This meant creating site-maps, wireframes and the structure of key content across all pages along with coding the site and delivering a content managed platform. To ensure we were meeting Beronia’s needs and also to give them an understanding of how the site would function, we made sure that they were involved in the whole development process.

The site has now been live for a number of months and the Txoko community has grown with many new ‘friends’ having been made – growing the product ranges brand visibility. That’s what happens when you create a platform for people with a shared passion for food and drink, to meet up, cook, drink, share stories and occasionally burst into song!

It was an rewarding project to be a part of, and after hours of creative planning, building and final adjustmentswe were thrilled that we were able to produce a website that exceeded Beronia’s brief. View the website here

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