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A unique fashion-focused brand identity

Charismatic jewellers, Bill Skinner, asked me&you to fire up our creative furnaces to develop a brand that speaks to Bill Skinner’s innovation, craftsmanship and quality.

Before me&you got onboard, the client’s brand identity was confusing and inconsistently applied across different media. It didn’t reflect the high quality or bespoke service that they provided.

The client wanted a brand as charismatic and distinct as the jewellery they produce. With big plans for their business, they also wanted to ensure that the brand was future-proof and relevant across all applications – shop signage, eCommerce, stationery, point of sale and product collections.

So we developed two visual concepts. One focused on a ‘signature’ motif that could be applied to all material, the second was a mark which integrated the B and S from Bill Skinner into a ‘stamp’, accompanying the company name set in a suitable typeface.


The client needed a brand with a flexible and varied colour palette to allow for the changing trends and seasonality of the fashion industry.

Marketing materials

Though the brand had to be impactful, it was essential that it complimented the product photography and didn’t overshadow the jewellery. We achieved this through minimalistic editorial design, making use of lots of white space and using type sparingly to create elegant layouts.

“The creative input from Matt's team has been invaluable. It's helped define with absolute clarity our brand strategy and set the visual direction for all marketing activities.”

Toby Skinner Managing Director