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Creating a ripple effect with an integrated NHS Trust Thank You Campaign

An integrated creative campaign which appreciates and motivates NHS Trust staff.

A campaign that expresses gratitude affects not only the grateful person, but anyone who witnesses that gratitude.

Everyone has a psychological need to feel wanted and recognised, so when briefed by NHS Trust Barking, Havering and Redbridge to design an internal 'Thank You' Staff Campaign, after what has been such a traumatic and stressful year for the NHS throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, team me&you were excited and humbled to work on this project. We ensure we make a difference and care about what we create.

Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust run two large bustling hospitals: Queen's Hospital in Romford and King George Hospital in Goodmayes combined of 6,500 staff and volunteers caring for a diverse community of 750,000 people. The brief was to create an internal campaign that worked as a stand alone Thank You Campaign in Thank You week, but was also bespoke enough to work across other events across the year. With Customer experience (CX) at the forefront of our minds, we set out to deliver a Campaign that told a bold, compelling story but most importantly provided creativity across multiple touch points as a reminder that each individual member of staff is appreciated for who they are and what they do.

What can me&you deliver for you?

•  Campaign Messaging
•  Brand identity - logo mark, colour palette, fonts and visual look and feel
•  Print campaign items
•  Digital campaign items
•  Environmental graphics for the campaign - design, print and installation
•  Customer Experience of a campaign

NHS Trust Creative Campaign
NHS Trust Creative Campaign
NHS Trust NHS Trust Creative Campaign

“Our thank you week campaign was a huge success at our hospitals – the week had a real buzz and this was helped hugely by the high-quality design from me&you. The designs looked fantastic around our hospitals and on our social media. I thought the words chosen around the ‘Thank you for being…’ headline showed a lot of care had been taken in the design. It felt new and different to our usual corporate branding, but still felt very much like ‘us’!

We also appreciated how me&you understood the strategic element to the brief; the design worked well as a one-off campaign, but allowed us to link to future projects. This was reflected in the designs created for the My Conversations project. Your team’s skill on the design and layout of the materials made our documents feel easier to read and understand.”

Becky Player Senior Communications Officer – Internal Communications and Campaigns

Environmental Graphics that stand out in a crowd

A typographic concept was chosen for the campaign which used words directed towards NHS Trust staff, to show appreciation and gratitude in a 'personal, conversational' way. Words like 'POSITIVE', 'HUMAN', 'RESILIENT', 'SKILLED' 'AWARE' 'PROUD' are examples of words which we focussed the campaign around.

NHS Trust NHS Trust NHS Trust NHS Trust Creative Campaign
NHS Trust NHS Trust NHS Trust Creative Campaign