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The Rise Of Animation

by Nick Fitzgerald

This is a unique time in all of our lives and with such a big shift to working, for the most part, purely online I wanted to talk about the rise of animation and ways in which you can use different animations to bring your brand to life.


Animated Logos

This is a great way to grab attention during your next presentation, in a social media post or even as a loading screen for your website. Animated logos are a great way to show your brand's personality within seconds.

Here are some great examples of logo animation:

Apple logo animation concept by Mate Miminoshvili


Moon Creative by


Walking Bean by


Animation On Websites

Animations as you scroll on a website or interact with content on the page are everywhere and for good reason! These small animations are called 'Micro Interactions' and play a big role in helping a user to understand when an action they have undertaken has been completed. A good example of this would be when you have successfully paid for an item, a tick will animate to show this has been completed without error, an example of this is below.

Payment Process by


More Website Animations:

E-shop by




Animation In Presentations

Gone are the days of boring, static PowerPoint presentations and thank goodness I hear you cry! Thankfully, there are many other ways to present your carefully mined data in today's digital world. With excellent programs such as Adobe's After Effects, we can bring stuffy presentations to life.

Here are some great examples of data visualisation:

Data Visualisation by


Premier League Data Visualisation by


Tennis Data by


I hope this gives a helpful insight into how you can use animation within your brand. Using these techniques can really help cement your brand's positioning and how you present yourself to your target audience, all within a few milliseconds!