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International Wine & Spirits Competition

Now in its 48th year, the International Wine & Spirit Competition remains as relevant today as it did when wine chemist Anton Massel founded ‘Club Oenologique’ in 1969. Massel had the idea of creating a wine and spirit competition which was based not just on organoleptic judgement but where all entries also had to undergo chemical analysis.

Following a successful 5-way pitch Hansell Design & Ecce Media were commissioned to completely overhaul the International Wine and Spirit Competition website. With over 4,000 entries across a broad variety of Wine and Spirit it was vital the entrants could easily enter the competitionA complex project which 'under the hood' communicates with the client bespoke CRM and Finance systems. The challenge (which we delivered on naturally) was to deliver "a visually appealing and easy to use modern website". With more new features to rollout over the coming months and orders being received only days after launch it's clear there is more to come from IWSC.

Since winning a five-way pitch in 2015 we've:

  • designed and developed a global website: iwsc.net
  • created multiple printed brochures and invites for a global audience
  • delivered worldwide thousands of bespoke brochures

A logo to capture the essence of your brand

An impressive new website by me&you for the most prestigious wine and spirit competition in the world

Direct Mail design, print and packaging for the wine trade