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Getting Your New Website Ready to Go Live: A Comprehensive Checklist


Launching your new website is an exciting moment, but before you hit the "publish" button, it's crucial to ensure everything is in order. At me&you, we're committed to delivering impactful and user-focused websites, and we've put together a checklist to guide you through the essential steps before going live.

Checking Information

  • Review the Entire Website: Take a meticulous look through your website to ensure all content is accurate, up-to-date, and aligned with your organisation's goals. Make sure any placeholder content is deleted and replaced with correct content.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms: Double-check that your privacy policy and terms are in place and reflect the current standards and requirements for your organisation.

Testing the Site Thoroughly

  • Form Testing: Fill out all forms on your website using test content to confirm they function correctly. Verify that the submitted data is received as intended by your email or CRM system.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Test your website on different browsers to ensure a consistent and smooth user experience across various platforms.

Tracking in Place

  • Google Analytics (GA4): Confirm that GA4 is set up and configured to track key metrics. Test and verify that it's reporting data accurately.
  • Google Search Console: Ensure your website is registered with Google Search Console to monitor its performance in search results and address any potential issues.
  • Additional Tracking: Check if any other tracking tools, such as heatmaps or user behaviour analytics, are set up and reporting correctly.

Hosting and Support

  • Choose the Right Hosting Package: If you've opted for our hosting packages, select the one that aligns with your website's needs and expected traffic. Consider factors like storage, bandwidth, and server performance.
  • Support Systems: Familiarise yourself with the support systems in place. Ensure you know how to reach out for assistance and understand the scope of support provided. Our clients have a simple helpdesk email address to send and raise any support tickets with - often our team responds within hours.

Additional Checks

  • Mobile Responsiveness: Verify that your website is responsive and provides an optimal experience across various devices.
  • SEO Readiness: Confirm that on-page SEO elements are in place, including meta titles, descriptions, and alt tags for images.
  • Social Media Integration: Test social media sharing functionality and ensure that your website integrates seamlessly with your social platforms.
  • Accessibility: Run accessibility checks to ensure your website is usable by individuals with disabilities. Address any issues found during testing.

Migrating from Old to New Website?

  • Develop a Technical SEO Plan: If your new website is replacing an existing one, it's crucial to have a robust technical SEO plan in place. Work with us and our SEO partners Search Seven to ensure that valuable elements, such as backlinks, page authority, and keyword rankings, are retained during the migration process. Implement 301 redirects for pages on the old website, guiding search engines and users seamlessly to the equivalent pages on the new site. This strategic approach preserves the SEO value your old website has accumulated over time, helping maintain search engine rankings and online visibility. Regularly monitor the performance post-launch and address any unforeseen issues promptly. A smooth migration ensures a positive transition for both users and search engines.

Promoting the Launch

  • Determine Launch Strategy: Before making your new website public, decide on the launch strategy that aligns with your goals. Opt for a 'soft launch' if you prefer a gradual introduction, allowing existing and new visitors to discover the enhanced experience organically. Alternatively, go 'loud' for a more active launch, promoting it in a way that maximises brand visibility.
  • Communication Plan: Develop a comprehensive communication plan to leverage the launch positively. Consider using various channels such as social media, email newsletters, and press releases to announce the new website. Highlight key features, improvements, and benefits to generate excitement among your audience.
  • Engage Stakeholders: Involve key stakeholders, including employees, partners, and existing customers, in the launch process. Encourage them to share the news within their networks, amplifying the reach and impact of your launch.
  • Monitor and Respond: Keep a close eye on the response to the launch. Monitor social media mentions, website analytics, and user feedback. Respond promptly to inquiries, feedback, and comments to demonstrate your commitment to user satisfaction.
  • Leverage Launch for Growth: Use the launch as an opportunity to grow brand visibility and strengthen your online presence. Consider running promotional campaigns or special offers tied to the launch to incentivise engagement and conversions.

By strategically promoting the launch, you not only introduce your new website to the world but also set the stage for continued growth and success. Whether you choose a subtle introduction or an attention-grabbing launch, a well-executed promotion plan can make a significant impact on your brand's digital journey.

By following this checklist, you'll be well-prepared to launch a polished and effective website. Remember, a thorough pre-launch check ensures a smoother post-launch experience for you and your visitors. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at me&you. Happy launching!

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