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Naturally brilliant. Branding and label for new drink

Bottle label design for exciting juice product launch

Entrepreneur spots gap in the soft drinks market, and calls on me&you’s branding and packaging expertise

A bottle label design is considered a peach of a brief at me&you! When an entrepreneur called our design team to discuss his launch of a new natural sugarcane drink, we were intrigued.

The NutriCana team briefed me&you to create a drinks brand that is trendsetting, natural and bursting with vitality. It must appeal to savvy young lifestyle consumers and the bottle design should stand out on the shelf at a cafe, gym or health shop. Consumers will be proud to align themselves with the brand, and itching to be photographed with it. Sugarcane juice is enjoyed in many tropical locations worldwide, so why not in Croydon as well as the Caribbean?

me&you designers have come up with a playful bottle label design that focuses on the natural and unprocessed journey from cane to bottle. We made sure the sugarcane plant itself is central to the design, so that the natural drink’s purity is emphasised. NutriCana contains 100% pure unrefined sugarcane juice and nothing else! A report in The Grocer highlights the huge size of the energy drinks market, and how “Those that play on natural credentials are seeing the most success.”

me&you’s support for Nutricana extended far beyond packaging design. We advise on a multitude of aspects of bringing a drinks brand to market. We consulted on compliance with labelling regulations, barcode generation, liaison with international technical suppliers and how to reduce label print costs. This is the added value that me&you offers drinks brands.

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Above are the three sets of different bottle label design concepts that me&you presented to NutriCana.

To achieve standout from a distance, the name NutriCana is presented on two lines so that it can appear as clear and large as possible. Our Food & Beverages entrepreneur chose the design on the left for the full-wrap of the glass bottle, with its informal and distinctive font for the brand name. Below we reveal the final bottles!

NutriCana is available in two flavours. For this new product, distinction between the two designs is subtle, with a small shift from yellow to orange in places, so that brand familiarity begins to grow.

We placed the ‘energy by nature’ strapline on a curve. A ‘sunburst’ surrounds the bottle icon, which gives the design more dynamism.

“When I approached other design agencies, they were somewhat arrogant. me&you were very helpful and delivered a product design that has wowed my customers!”

Habib Miah Company Founder, NutriCana