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Campaign promoting Spanish wines to a UK audience

me&you has created campaign materials to raise the profile of wines from the Rueda region among white wine drinkers across Europe.


Despite having the bestselling white wine in Spain and enjoying popularity in other European countries, Spain’s DO Rueda region has struggled to compete with the likes of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio in the UK market.

me&you were approached by UK-based drinks promoter Bespoke Drinks Media to create campaign concepts, copylines, visual assets and a guidelines document, to promote Rueda wines to young, mainly female white wine drinkers.

Since many different wine brands are produced in the region, the campaign visuals could not feature one particular product but instead needed to focus on the overall flavours and feelings that the region’s unique Verdejo wines evoke.

The campaign assets would be displayed at food and drink festivals in the UK, and also be adapted for use in other European countries so a set of guidelines needed to be produced to ensure consistency and quality was maintained.


We presented a number of visual moodboards and headline ideas to our Spanish client, after which we developed two visual routes using the preferred headline ‘White wines as vibrant as you’.

Once a final concept was chosen, we developed the final campaign visuals. This involved sourcing models and arranging a photoshoot so that we could ensure that the white wine was the correct colour and in the right type of wine glass.

The background shapes were inspired by abstract cork shapes and joyful, vibrant circles. To give the campaign even great flexibility, we also created a set of bespoke illustrations.



Rueda were supplied with a set of high quality, bespoke photographic cut-outs, background elements and illustrations, alongside a guidelines document detailing how to use the fonts, where to position additional logos and text and showing examples of the campaign rollout on print and digital.

These guidelines and assets were then made accessible to Rueda’s design partners across Europe for use in various promotional activities.


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