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Sevenoaks & California – The Seven Similarities

Blog: 22.02.2019


The sunny town of Sevenoaks in Kent, southern England, is a terrific place to live and work. The team at me&you design agency reveal here how the essence of Sevenoaks is more Californian than you might expect!

Similarity 1: Love of Apple Macs

California has been a hotbed of Apple Mac creativity since 1976 when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded the Apple Inc company in a garage in Los Altos. Sevenoaks shares this Apple Mac passion! In addition to me&you design agency, in this creative corner of Kent you’ll also find Macman, Focused Productions, Boomtown Productions, ecce, Avenue Print, Capture the Event and more. Sevenoaks School has its own Digital Photography Club too!

Similarity 2: Passion for fitness

When I think of a Californian, I think of a glamorous and toned gym bunny. We have gym bunnies aplenty here too! Sevenoaks Ladies Joggers coaches, educates and inspires women to move better, feel stronger, and have more energy. Kent fitness hotspots include Sencio, Reynolds Retreat and The Better Body Group in Sevenoaks.

Similarity 3: Production of wine

The Mount Vineyard is situated in an idyllic Kent village near Sevenoaks and produces award-winning still and sparkling wines. The flourishing English wine trade keeps me&you busy with creating brands, websites and apps for Kent vineyards, and we even branded the California Wines’ UK wine fair too. According to The Telegraph, ‘Californians are serious about wine and relaxed about everything else’.

Similarity 4: Stunning scenery and green spaces

We are blessed with having two National Trust green spaces on our doorstep in Sevenoaks - the majestic parkland of Knole Park and hilltop Emmetts Garden. Highlights of the Californian landscape include Yosemite National Park and Fern Canyon, an international Biosphere Reserve. Both Kent and California boast natural beauty aplenty.

Similarity 5: Large cars!

You can’t fail to notice the generous proportions of the cars selected by affluent Sevenoaks residents! As well as luxurious SUV’s such as the Range Rover, there are plenty of electric Tesla’s cruising along our historic streets. Likewise, larger vehicles account for 63% of total car sales in the USA.

Similarity 6: Good coffee

The Americans were ahead of the Brits when providing superb-tasting ‘cawfee’. But we have caught up! Nonna Cappuccini’s in Sevenoaks does a great cuppa, as does Eat ‘n’ Mess.

Similarity 7: Iconic wildlife

Bear with me! California is not the only place to boast magnificent wild animals. The 1,000 acres of Knole Park in Sevenoaks is home to a 350-strong deer herd, which visitors enjoy seeing in their natural habitat all year round. Knole is a protected conservation area and the National Trust team work hard to ensure it remains a thriving habitat for its range of wildlife.

Finally, did you know? There is actually a town called Seven Oaks in the San Bernardino Mountains area of Southern California. It was named after our English town of Sevenoaks by Charles M. Lewis in 1845.

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