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Avoid these three branding mistakes, why brands will always matter

A quick primer on the role brands play in business today, highlight three common branding mistakes.

Hi I'm Matt founder of me&you, throughout my (many) years helping businesses shape their brands I've noticed three branding myths always crop up!

Watch my video as I bust these myths and provide evidence that branding is still a valuable and important activity:

Brands aren't really worth anything

Brands create both financial and economic value. They are specific assets which generate a security of income for any business and can be sold from one business to another. They create economic value because of what their owners do with their brand. By investing in branding, extending brands, updating and keeping them relevant you'll growth your customer base and bring your brand to life!

Brands are less important now due to the big growth in digital marketing

Brands are powerful and still matter because they generate demand and create loyalty. Digital marketing alone struggles to replicate the story-telling strength that a brand has. With technology everything can be copied - but a unique brand can't.

Sure digital marketing is changing how you build a brand, but the fundamentals of delivering consistency, clarity, relevance and a strong differentiation still apply.

Branding is just about the logo

Brands are built upon a whole connection of experiences, perceptions and preferences. The logo is absolutely a key part of your brand toolkit; but the foundations of branding are all about what you say and what you do. Just like these series of videos and advice articles is part of me&you's branding. All elements build to form an experience and deliver a compelling promise of consistency that will engage and interest your audience.

That whole... is branding (so not just a fabulous logo).

Take a look at the brand toolkit work we produced for FizzBox. During that project we engaged staff with workshops, helped identify their unique tone of voice and developed a whole range of elements ... not just a logo!

We design and deliver effective marketing materials that bring businesses brand to life.

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