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me&you produces award-winning bespoke elearning platforms and online training modules which engage, educate and motivate learners.

About elearning design

Employee training is critical to the growth of any organisation. elearning materials can be useful and effective tools for onboarding new team members, ongoing training for staff or volunteers, or providing ‘on-the-job’ resources.

Sometimes called ‘instructional design’ or ‘virtual training design’, elearning design helps to optimise the learning experience for an online audience. Creating a positive user experience and clear user journeys are vital in elearning development.

Over the years, me&you have helped many organisations transform their face-to-face presentations, workshops and training programmes into effective digital learning platforms.

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elearning benefits

Compared to traditional instructor-led training, online learning has a raft of benefits for both training providers and participants.

  • Frees up time for staff to complete other important tasks
  • Saves money on venue hire, transport and instructor fees
  • Allows participants to learn at their own pace, whenever and wherever they want
  • Speeds up learning times by 25%-60%
  • Accessible to everyone with an internet connection
  • Consumes less energy and creates less CO2 emissions

How we can help

You may have existing or outdated learning materials that need a refresh, or need help developing brand new elearning resources from scratch. Either way, me&you can help you. Our team is experienced in elearning design and development and will transform your content into attractive and user-friendly digital learning tools to engage and educate your audience.  

In 2020, we won three European Digital Impact Awards for our work with YGAM. We developed their Safer Gambling Training, recognised and certified by City & Guilds. Over 8 hours of unique content was collated and designed by our team and is now used to train thousands of staff in the gaming/gambling sector to spot unsafe gambling habits and strengthen player protection.


Audience first

The first thing to consider when creating elearning is to think carefully about the intended audience. Who is the training for and for what purpose? This will inform your choice of language, tone of voice and the amount of detail needed. You may require a specialist copywriter to make sure what you’re saying is accurate and up-to-date. me&you and our network of industry partners will help you hone your content to perfection.

We've put together our top ten tips on creating or transforming your existing face-to-face presentations, workshops and training programmes into an online elearning platform.

See our elearning design tips


The right format

Your audience will also help you decide what kind of learning experience you are going to create. What format and style of elearning is most appropriate and helpful for your audience?

If it’s learning resources for shop staff to access while they work, it will need to be easy to search and navigate and with short and snappy content. Video or audio clips might be a better option if you’re training people how to react in particular scenarios. A scrollable one-pager might be just right for simple instructional training, whereas more in-depth content may call for several individual modules within a larger online learning hub.  

Whether you need video or animated content, infographic elements, or help making your elearning design more effective and visually impactful, me&you can help you.

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Create engagement

When it comes to elearning development, engagement is about more than simply clicking or interacting with a screen. Learning journeys should be active rather than passive.

You can help participants engage with your content by making it so useful that they have a compelling reason to use it. Stories contain devices such as sounds, voices, feelings and imagery creating emotional connections which can help us remember content. While test activities can encourage participants to put their new knowledge into practice.

Design with impact

A third of employees learn on their commute via mobile devices and nearly three-quarters of the world will use just their smartphones to access the internet by 2025. Learners should have an optimum online learning experience, whatever device they are using. The experience can differ, but each should be equally good. me&you will work with you to optimise the user experience (UX) of your elearning materials for each device.

‘Microlearning’ is ideal for mobile viewing as it breaks learning into small digestible chunks which are quick and easy to understand. People naturally want to scan through content so it’s important to make sure key points stand out. Clear headers, numbered points and icons can help grab attention. In the absence of an instructor, it’s especially important to create clear learning pathways in elearning design. It can be helpful to show learners how far they are through a module or give an estimated time for completion.


How can I make my elearning materials more effective?

There are a number of things you can do to make sure your audience is fully engaged and getting what they need from your resources.

  • Give learners a positive user experience on whichever device they access their learning. Happy learners will be more likely to complete the training and return for more.
  • Keep content as clear and concise as possible. Only include information that will genuinely help them improve their performance.
  • Guide your audience each step of the way. Even if you have the option of several different learning pathways, learning should flow smoothly and be easy to navigate.
  • Make learning active rather than passive. Storytelling can help learners form an emotional connection and help learning ‘stick’, while short quizzes or sorting activities help learners put knowledge into practice.
  • Consider rewarding or incentivising learning with gamification or giving learners a certificate on completion.
  • When learners complete a piece of training, signpost them to further materials on related subjects.

Can you adapt my existing training resources into elearning materials?

Absolutely. We can audit your existing learning resources and put together a number of suggestions to refresh or rework them into effective elearning design options. 

During the pandemic, we helped cancer charity Look Good Feel Better develop a set of online training modules that could be accessed by both new and existing volunteers. Pre-Covid their training all took place in person but we worked with them to create content which would work as self-led digital training. The result was a programme that delivered the knowledge and insight required without placing any burden on the charity’s much-reduced team.

Can you create one booking system for my face-to-face training and virtual workshops?

We certainly can. Before lockdown, all of Look Good Feel Better’s training sessions had to be booked manually, which created a hefty workload for the team. We collaborated closely with them to deliver a bespoke patient booking system. At first, the booking system was developed purely to organise virtual workshops. However, it was future-proofed to ensure that it would be equally effective when face-to-face sessions resumed in the post-Covid world. Patients now encounter a user-friendly interface that also benefits the LGFB team as it manages and reports on volunteers, bookings and patients. 

What are the best tools to build eLearning with?

We recommend Rise360, a responsive course authoring tool which we have a subscription to. This system delivers elearning materials which will work across devices from mobile up to desktop. You’ll also need a system call a Learning Management System (LMS) where students/staff login and complete the various learning modules developed. Our team have experience working with a variety of LMS’s, from open source systems such as Moodle to Wordpress based systems.

Boosting the mental wellbeing of cancer patients with digital solutions

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