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Video & Animation

Video and animations are excellent ways to communicate even long and complicated messages in a way that is easy for your audience to engage with. Plus movement is proven to catch the eye more than static images.

Our team of talented experts can help you take your message from initial creative concept to final video. We can help with everything from storyboarding, script writing, talent-sourcing, voiceovers and everything in between.


Every business has a unique story to tell. Film provides a platform from which you can share your story in an engaging and creative way with the world, bringing your brand to life. And of course you shouldn’t overlook its marketing clout – including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%!

The me&you team will plan the theme and messaging for your video, write the script, provide the studio, edit the footage and add music and headlines.

We can produce anything from a full showreel for your website to a short snippet for social media.

Creative animation

Whether it’s a product explainer, training video or telling your brand story, animated videos are a great way to build brand awareness and promote your business.

Creativity is crucial to the success of any animated video. It should have a storyline, plot, and characters that are unique to your brand. We can help you create animated videos that inspire and engage viewers, providing them with a unique and memorable experience.

Powering Kent's sustainable future with a fresh new brand identity

Helping a sustainable kindergarten fulfil their potential with a new brand identity

Video strengthens new technology business website

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