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What makes the ideal Client & Agency partnership?

Four key ways that me&you work effectively with our clients

As your creative marketing partner, we’re a highly experienced creative team of designers and branding specialists, helping businesses of all shapes and sizes market their products and services. We love to help clients (both Business Owners and Marketing Managers) define and position brands for success. The name for our design agency me&you reflects our partnership approach, and how we collaborate with businesses to create a unique creative solution. We are the creative design agency that delivers business growth. So what four key ways make the ideal Client & Agency partnership?


We build Trust

1) We build trust

We create open, transparent and trustworthy relationships.

We honour our promises, are consistent with our workflow and ensure processes are smooth throughout. Through project timelines we ensure deadlines are met and your client feedback welcomed. We show integrity and loyalty throughout your project. Even when a project has come to its final stages, we offer ongoing support to our clients to help build your business. 

I think me&you just have a brilliant set-up. Very professional, very capable. My new brand is spot-on and helps centre everything we do in the business.

Jan Frydenbø-Bruvoll - Managing Director, Architechs


We communicate 2) We communicate

Involving you throughout the process is key to the success of our work.

We ensure project management is smooth for your project with clear milestones defined. Regular peer reviewing is carried out within our internal team, face-to-face presentations are given and regular feedback discussions to ensure work is on track throughout the process. Our projects can often involve other suppliers as well so the importance of clear communication with all parties ensures we meet our deadlines. Training is also offered by our team on specific projects to ensure you are up to speed with designed systems.

An absolute pleasure to work with me&you. The feedback on our new website has been fantastic, you’ve provided us with a much stronger platform to communicate with customers.

Anna Grente - Marketing Manager, Champagnes & Châteaux


Common goal

3) We work with you towards a goal

The me&you team work collaboratively with you throughout the entire process.

Sometimes projects can steer off path meeting a few obstacles, but these challenges can be seen as positive and often achieve a more defined, successful solution at the end goal. Having clarity and a focussed goal creates purpose and ensures everyone is connected throughout the project and working on the same path.

An exceptional experience - the new website for YGAM by me&you is a great result for a charity about to take off for an exciting 2020. Thankyou.

Sarah Gosling - Consultant to YGAM Charity


We understand your audience

4) We take the time to understand you

You know what makes your business special, but you need to ensure your customers know too.

That’s where we come in! Our tried and tested (and much refined) 5-stage approach helps us to pinpoint what makes you unique and how to position this for success. We run one-to-one sessions, as well as full team Discovery workshops to get to know you, your business and discover your customers’ needs. These discovery sessions provide valuable insight into positioning you correct within the market and identifying your audience personas and their user experiences.

Thanks to our brand toolkit by me&you, we now really understand our position in the market. Their team have been absolutely fantastic.

Rob Hill - CEO, Fizzbox


me&you are proud to work with these four key ways a varied client base expanding across a wide range of sectors including Food and Beverage, Property Development branding, Pharmaceutical Medical Packaging, Public Sector and Luxury Brand Design. Our creativity expands from branding, copywriting, print design, UI and UX digital design, as well as photography, interactive videos and digital presentations.

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