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Three reasons why colour is so important for your brand

Beam Energy Colour Brand Guidelines


Colour is a powerful form of communication. It makes a statement, sets a mood and conveys emotion! I'm Sarah, Graphic Designer at me&you design agency. Watch my video - I discuss three reasons why colour is so important for your brand.



Colour increases brand recognition

Colour can boost brand recognition by up to 80% because our minds process, store and memorise visual content more than shape, numbers and words. We all have busy lives and therefore capture and memorise snippets of information.

Colour evokes emotion

Although colours are subjective, due to personal taste and experience, universally all colours on the spectrum create a mood. The graphic below shows a selection of colours and how we perceive them:

Colour Emotions


Colour consistency establishes your brand

Our creative team at me&you define colour palettes to more effectively communicate your brand and marketing for your targeted audience. These colours are presented in a brand toolkit to assist InHouse teams, external suppliers and others how to work with your brand. Your brand is then consistent across all print, web and social platforms.


Examples of our work

Darenth Valley  - New brand, brand guidelines and website

Beam Energy   New brand, brand guidelines and digital portal colour scheme for energy supplier

Fizzbox - Creative brand toolkit

Architechs - Branding and website


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