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How to build your Brand & Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Experience

Your brand isn’t what you say it is - it’s what others say about you based on their experience.

How do you build your brand & Customer Experience (CX)? Here’s where you have an opportunity to transform doing business from a generic way into something meaningful for your customers, something that attracts their continuing and increasing business over time.

Ask yourselves these questions about your business.

  • Do you need to adapt more to your customers’ needs?
  • Does your content need to be more relevant and consistent?
  • Does your tone of voice need to be more empathetic?
  • Do your actions need to be more human?
  • Do your digital outputs need to be more efficient and user friendly?

Below are ways me&you can deliver these creative solutions innovatively to improve your customers’ experience in these challenging times.

1) Adapt more to your customers’ needs

We all become more connected when we’ve suffered together and these recent changing times have taught us as society, a great deal about the true nature of interaction and collaboration, that they will lead to a deeper appreciation of putting people first. Those realities also apply when it comes to relationships with businesses and consumers. Have your audiences’ habits and circumstances changed?

Through discovery workshops, the team at me&you take the time to find out about you, we ask questions to define your customers’ current needs, we create audience personas to define your position in the market and we create customer journeys to define the different touch points of your business.

Customer Journey Map

2) Ensure your content is relevant and consistent

When creating or rebranding your business’ visual identity your vision needs to be relevant and consistent. From the tone of language you use, to your designed outputs (both digital and print), to the delivery of your online and offline marketing material.

With our client Fizzbox, we created a brand toolkit for their whole team to ensure all touch points were considered. The experience of a brand and delivery by all your team must be consistent and authentic throughout with no pain points.


3) Bring in empathy to your tone of voice

Your brand is a story, which can be built upon over time. Creating ‘real experience content’ and tapping into your customers’ emotions can be valuable to your business. Get into the hearts and minds of your audience and showcase. Focus on a set of values for your brand. People buy into people and knowing that another customer has had an enjoyable experience, leads to stronger satisfaction, customer loyalty and greater innovation. me&you were commissioned to create a new vineyard website for Chilworth Manor that reflects the story and prestige of their business. With user experience (UX) at the forefront of our minds, we delivered a vineyard website that told a compelling story but most importantly provided a seamless online shopping experience for customers to easily purchase wine products.


4) Be more human in your actions

Build connections with your audience. Cut out any jargon in your messaging and speak in a human non automated way. Look at new mindsets and ways of showcasing your brand. Ensure that more face-to-face connections are being carried out, video platforms have increased this interaction lately. Ensure that your online outputs are communicating with your audience in a human way. For our client Architechs me&you built their Marketing strategy which has involved more storytelling for an IT Technology brand in a more human way via blog stories and video content.


5) Ensure your digital outputs are efficient, flexible and user friendly

In a fast paced environment, the need for immediacy, flexibility and ease of use is increasingly in demand. Over the past few months our design agency have helped many businesses move their content online into various outputs to ensure customers can access content fast and easily. From interactive virtual presentations, to Property Development e-brochures, to helping The Mount Vineyard, who've had to close their restaurant temporarily and move their produce onto an online shop platform The Mount Vineyard shop. Also for public sector charity YGAM we have created a brand new resources hub called YGAM Parents to access and use for their children.

YGAM Parents Hub



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