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Three reasons to use print instead of email marketing

Three reasons to use print instead of email marketing. Nowadays, it can seem that an email campaign is a go-to tool for a marketing campaign. But in today's busy digital world, a printed approach shouldn’t be forgotten, it may actually be the key to cutting through the noise and getting your message in front of your customer!
At me&you design agency, we create both digital and print marketing. Discuss with us the media that is right for your project.

Should you use print for your marketing?

A printed piece can have a greater impact

In a busy digital world, it can be hard to stand out. People receive thousands of emails every month, and with an average lifespan of 2 seconds, your message can easily be lost. A printed item has a greater lifespan and can spend up to 17 days on a recipient's desk. You therefore have a greater chance of being remembered, especially when combined with the personal touch of a follow-up call a few days later.

Print is more memorable

Research shows that when asked, only 44% of people could recall a brand directly after seeing a digital advert, compared to 75% directly after receiving a printed piece.

Print is personal!

With the increase in quality of digital printing, you are now able to send a high quality printed piece that’s bespoke to each customer. This makes your message even more personal to your target audience.

You’re also now able to incorporate special finishes such gold foils meaning your printed marketing can really stand out!

In summary

Print marketing is not dead and can be a very effective form of marketing. me&you design agency in Kent often recommend a combination of media to clients, so that customers are reached from a range of touchpoints both online and offline. When direct mail is combined with email marketing, Royal Mail reported 13% of consumers were driven to a company’s website.

Our Creative Director gives more insight on three reasons to use print instead of email marketing in the video above.

Good examples of printed marketing

Take a look at 3 marketing campaigns by me&you where print was key:

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Forte pharmaceuticals

California Wines

And marketing campaigns by me&you where we created both online and digital assets:

Assetsure insurance

St Botolphs property development

Be First 

Ideas for print formats

me&you has expertise in designing brochures, portfolios, folders, brolders, leaflets, price lists, boxes, flyers, handouts, manuals, welcome packs, sales kits, letterheads, postcards, business cards, invitations, prospectuses, guides, proposals, books, bags, sleeves, menus, promotions, signs, stands, gifts, point of sale, labels, tent cards, binders and more!

Ask us to generate ideas to market your business.