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Your Specialist Charity Web Design Agency

me&you create stunning charity websites for non-profit organisations committed to social good. We also offer charity branding, strategy and hosting and support services.

What’s your challenge?

  • Overwhelmed with the task of creating a new website and unsure where to start?
  • Frustrated to have to keep asking other agencies to make tiny updates to your website content?
  • Desperate to give your charity website design a fresh new look or make it more mobile-friendly?
  • Having trouble recruiting volunteers or getting people to register for fundraising events?

Then me&you can help you. We use our strategic, creative and digital skills to empower charities of all shapes and sizes to build stronger connections with their audiences, deliver more impact and do more work that matters.

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How me&you can help

We know what makes a great charity website design but we also understand the pressures that third sector organisations face. That’s why we’ll work closely with your inhouse team, supporting you at every step to create a website that will help you achieve your charity’s goals and meet your customer’s needs.

Understanding your needs

  • Discovery session: We’ll take time to understand the challenges you are currently facing, along with your future aims. We’ll discuss your target audience and if there are any existing platforms or plugins you’d like us to use, such as Salesforce
  • Website auditing: We’ll conduct an audit of your existing website and recommend ways to improve the design, user experience and layout. We’ll also consider any analytics data you may have relating to your current website
  • User experience: We’ll think carefully about your audience’s needs, and use this insight to create a site map and sample user journeys. These will demonstrate a suggested hierarchy of information and the pathways users will use to reach the information they want


User-centred design

  • Flexible design systems: With site map and user flows signed-off, we will produce a flexible design system which reflects and enhances your brand, creating the building blocks of your new site
  • Website prototyping: With our design system in place, we will produce a prototype of your new website. This will give you a good understanding of how it will look and function without the need for any coding
  • Mobile-friendly websites: 51% of people who visit nonprofit websites are on mobile devices. We design our websites with responsiveness in mind to make sure your website looks and works seamlessly on all devices


Creating impact

  • Visual imagery: We create bespoke illustrations and icons and help arrange photo or video shoots to ensure your website content is unique, impactful and full of your brand personality. We can design infographics that communicate complex information in a clear and visually engaging way. If your brand is looking a little tired, we can provide a brand refresh or even an entirely new brand identity
  • Messaging and copywriting: Charity websites need to deliver a clear and compelling message in an instant. We’ll help you craft engaging headlines, strong calls to action and informative page content to help you connect with your audience and build brand loyalty


We also help with…

  • eLearning: me&you have experience of designing award-winning eLearning modules and online training materials
  • SEO and Google ranking: Having a fantastic website is brilliant, having people know about it is even better. We’ll use our SEO skills to improve your search ranking and increase awareness of your online presence
  • Salesforce connection: Many charities uses Salesforce but struggle to connect it to their website. We know how to get your website and Salesforce talking to each other.


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Award-winning charity website design

me&you are specialists in creating attractive and effective website design for charity, NGO, and social enterprise.

In 2020, we won three Digital Impact Awards for Education, Charity and Best Digital Communications during Covid-19, for our website design for charity Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM). This project included the creation of a new Parent Hub website and transforming their Practitioner Workshops into inspirational virtual classrooms.


Support at every stage

You may already have web developers or SEO specialists lined up to work on your charity website design, or you may value some additional input in these areas. me&you can offer support to your non-profit organisation at any stage of your website’s development. Whether that’s helping to optimise your existing site by working alongside your partners, or overseeing the entire design and website development process.

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Together with our clients, we've...

  • Up 103%

    Enabled a charity to exceed gambling awareness training targets by 103%

  • Save 50%

    Reduced marketing overheads for a charity working with cancer patients by 50%

  • No.1

    Helped achieve page 1 Google ranking for a community meals charity


What is ‘user experience’ and why does it matter?

Put simply, ‘user experience’ is everything your audience experiences when connecting with your charity. The colours, fonts and imagery your charity uses, what you say and your tone of voice all influence how people feel when they interact with your brand. It also covers how user-friendly your website is and how easy it is for your customers to find what they are looking for.

User experience, or UX, is of vital importance when creating a new charity website design. me&you take time to really understand your charity’s audience and structure the site accordingly, so that we can ensure a positive user experience for every visitor to your website.

What is a ‘design system’?

During a charity website design project, me&you will create a flexible ‘design system’. This will normally be based on your existing brand identity and reflect your charity’s brand fonts, colour palette and graphics. This ‘design system’ or toolkit of website elements will include buttons, content panels, heading styling, navigation menus and icons which can then be used flexibly across your website.

This design system will help maintain quality and consistency across your website. Once these elements have been built into a CMS (Content Management System), such as Wordpress, your charity’s inhouse team will be able to quickly and easily update the content on your new website.

How can I make my charity’s website more effective?

Whether you want to encourage more people to donate online or register for a fundraising event, there are several ways to improve your website’s conversion rate. If you’re looking for a new website design for charity, here are me&you’s top 5 tips of things to consider:

1. Be concise and compelling: Using the right words and messages will help people connect to your cause, but keep it as clear and concise as possible

2. Make donating easy and obvious: Have a donate button on every page and keep form fields to a minimum to help prevent drop-off

3. Be transparent: Show people how their money gets used and who it makes a difference to

4. Offer a variety of ways to get involved: People may not be in a position to make a financial donation but may be willing to give their time or sign a petition instead

5. Build your customer base: Ask visitors for their email address, make it clear how you will use it and what the benefit is for them i.e. being kept up-to-date with regular news updates

Can you help getting Salesforce to talk to my website?

Absolutely. A common reason charities engage me&you is because they are using Salesforce as their CRM but struggling to connect it to their website. We understand that a lot of Charities use Salesforce, we know how to get data from your website into Salesforce and back again. One frequent pain point we fix is the issue of ‘duplicate content’ instead making Salesforce your ‘central source of truth’ and the website a presenter of this information – no need to enter information in twice!

We did this for FoodCycle, when you visit their website large areas of it is entirely driven by Salesforce, so when they add a venue in Salesforce the number of community meals updates on the website and the ‘find a venue’ search feature automatically brings in all the information from Salesforce. The website is built in Wordpress but the synchronisation of data too and from Salesforce is where true value lies. Saving admin time and ultimately saving your charity money.

Connecting people with free local community meals

Boosting the mental wellbeing of cancer patients with digital solutions

Delivering a charity website with flexibility built-in

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